Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 26, 2012

So the thesis project was successful.  I was awarded my MPH degree in December 2011. And the alumni association hit me up for money less than three weeks after I attended the May 23 commencement, lol.  I thought it might be interesting to resurrect my thesis project and see if I can actually reduce my consumption.

June 26

$3.25 for a load of laundry

Daily total: $3.25

June 25

Really gross breakfast for $2.67.  The grits were clumpy, the turkey sausage was salty, and the scrambled egg defies description.

Tea for $1.85.  Inflation has set in: this cost $1.50 last year.

Little Caesar's pizza: $5.44

Daily total: $9.96

June 24

Diploma frame for $142.68.  I didn't want to spend it, and tried desperately to find a cheap one at WalMart or Target. No dice.

Graduation pics: $43.99.  Didn't really want these either, but parents will be parents.

One load of laundry: $2.75

Groceries from Smart & Final: $43.43.  I can't believe I paid $2.49 for an artichoke.

Daily total: $232.85