Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August 8, 2012

August 8

Hamburger and soda combo meal: $5.18.  The price on this item, like everything else in the cafeteria, has gone up.

Stuff from farmers market: $6.00

Physical therapy copay: $20.00

Daily total: $31.18

August 7

9.5 gallons of gas:    The price per gallon has gone back up to $3.89, and is projected to go even higher  because of a refinery fire earlier this week.  So I went ahead and filled up even though I had a quarter of a tank left.

Groceries from H&K Market:

August 6

Starbucks tea and coffee cake: $4.25

Pretzel dog: $5.00.  It was as greasy and disgusting as it looks.

Advil: $6.45.  And it was only 10 tablets.  Highway robbery at the San Diego Marriott gift shop.  A rock of crack cocaine probably would have cost less.

Desert and wine: $14.55

Daily total: $30.25

August 5

Coffee and scone from Starbucks: $5.25

Daily total: $5.25

August 4

Medical copay: $50.00

Pizza and bottled water: $11.25

Daily total: $61.25

August 3

Kraft Lunchable and Nutter Butter cookies: $3.28

Arby's roast beef combo: $5.93

Daily total: $9.21

August 2

Salad and soda: $6.08

Car wash: $5.00.  The exterior of the car was filthy.  Last time I washed it was in early May.  I don't really care about the exterior dirt, but I washed it anyway in hopes that the valets at the hotel would be nice while parking it.

Daily total: $11.08

August 1

Sandwich and chips: $4.28

Produce from farmer's market: $6.50

Daily total: $10.78

July 31

Veggie pizza and soda: $4.28

KFC: $5.48

Daily total: $9.76

Total July spending: $2558.38

July 30

No spending.

July 29

Groceries from Ralph's: $16.78

Clothes from Kohl's: $188.76

Daily total: $205.54

July 28

3 loads of laundry: $7.50

Daily total: $7.50

July 27

Breakfast croissant: $3.29

Hot dogs from Pink's: $14.85

12.5 gallons of gas: $47.80

Daily total: $65.94

July 26

Sandwich and chips: $4.28

Daily total: $4.28

July 25

Taco salad: $5.99

Produce from farmers market: $8.50

Groceries from Smart & Final: $13.30

Daily total: $27.79

July 24

Groceries from H&K Market: $25.24

Daily total: $25.24

July 23

Stuff that arrived in the mail while I was gone.

Nook e reader: free.  Technically, it retails for $169, but I used credit card reward points. The case was $14.95 on Ebay.

Shipping envelopes: $15.65.  To be used to clean out my closets and ship things to their new Ebay owners.


Bracelet: $14.90

Fire opal ring: $149.90

Daily total: $215.35

July 22

Gas to the top off the rental car before returning it: $1.96

Jamba juice: $5.20.  Airport inflation: it costs a dollar less everywhere else.

Tacos from food truck: $4.00

Daily total: $11.16

July 21

The last leg of my flight got cancelled.  I had to rent a car and drive the rest of the distance home: $200.00.  One way car rental is never a good idea.

Gas for rental car: $27.49

Chili dog combo from Sonic: $7.98

Daily total: $235.47