Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 31, 2011

July 31

One of my coworkers had a yard sale: $8.00  I didn't realize that I was buying a diabetic cookbook, but the books were all 5 for $1, so whatever.  The Godfather of Soul doll was calling my name; maybe it's because we're both from the same town in Georgia.  I think if I put in a battery and play music, it dances?

2 chicken and gizzard dinners from Dinah's Family Restaurant: $17.94

Daily total: $25.94
Monthly total: $2353.40
Total wasted: $19.74

July 30

Mongolian barbecue from The Great Khan: $9.87  Half of it was wasted.

Clothes and accessories from TJ Maxx: $60.87

Underwear from Macy's: $118.47.  This included a $10 donation to an HIV/AIDS charity. I returned the orange sweater and white pants that I bought earlier this month for a $113.37 refund.

Clothes from JC Penney: $70.04

Oil change and engine cleaner at Sears Auto Center: $120.95.

Stuff from Sam's Club: $223.33.  I didn't really want a new GPS unit, butthe maps on my old one haven't been updated since April 2009.  An updated map was $49.95, while the new unit with lifetime map updates was $149.95.

Snack from Sam's Club: $2.02.  Again, half of it was wasted.

Daily total: $594.68
Total wasted: $5.95

July 29

The cheese pizza slice returns, but the price has gone up: $2.49

I have a friend who does stand up comedy, and I've been promising him that I would go to one of his shows forever.  I finally made it to one this evening.

Admission to the The Federal Bar in north Hollywood: $10.00
Beer and tip: $10.00.  This is apparently a bargain in Los Angeles.

Total spending: $22.49

July 28

Lunch: $3.98.  The pic I took seems to have disappeared; it was a half turkey sandwich, bottle of water, and bag of cheddar flavored Sun Chips.  The chips had a funky weird chemical aftertaste; I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

Gas for the car, about 12.4 gallons: $47.42

Total spending: $51.40

July 27

One of my friends was lucky enough to escape our current place of employment.  My contribution to her going away pizza party was $8.00.

Miscellaneous stuff from the canteen: $3.84

Groceries from Food 4 Less: $10.98

Total spending: $22.17

July 26

Hamburger lunch: $5.09

Total spending: $5.09

July 25

Fish sandwich lunch: $6.19

Groceries from Smart and Final: $22.41
Casualties from the fridge and pantry: $9.79

Total spending: $28.60
Money wasted: $9.79

July 24

Returning back to Los Angeles from Georgia.

Manchu Wok in DFW airport: $9.45

Auntie Ann's Pretzels, DFW: $3.79

Magazines to read during the flight: $13.89

LAX parking: $48.00

Total spending: $75.13

July 23

Tip for servers at my aunt's wedding: $50.00

Total spending: $50.00
Weekly spending: $437.68

July 22

Hair stuff from WalMart: $7.83.  I already have all this stuff in my Los Angeles apartment, but it doesn't come in sizes that the TSA allows in carry on luggage.  So this stuff is being left at my mother's house in Georgia.

Total spending: $7.83

Friday, July 22, 2011

July 22, 2011

July 21

I had a 0630 flight out of LAX, meaning that I had to get up at 3AM.

Airport hostage breakfast at Burger King: $9.45.  It was a crappy croissant combo that costs $4 in the real world.

Lunch at Chili's in Dallas-Fort Worth airport: $14.00.  Turkey sandwich, fries, and strawberry lemonade.

Wedding decorations from Dollar Tree: $27.42

I left my sunglasses in Los Angeles.  WalMart replacements: $25.63.

Wedding gift card and conditioner from Wal Mart: $152.86

Dinner for two at Chick Fil A: $8.99

Total spending: $238.35

July 20

No spending:-)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 19, 2011

July 19

The coffee mug is still sitting on my kitchen counter: $1.25
Barbecue chicken lunch: $6.59  I guess the cafeteria employee who was assigned to cut up the chicken parts today got lazy, because I got a about three quarters of a chicken instead of the expected quarter.  The server actually tried to pick it up with his tongs and gave up because it was too heavy.  Coworkers stopped to gawk at my lunch while I was eating.
Groceries from Food 4 Less: $11.91

Back to doing laundry at my apartment complex; 2 loads: $4.50

Mailed the registration renewal for my car: $116

Total spending: $140.25

July 18

Carmaggedon weekend was a non-event and so was the back to work traffic this morning.  I took my coffee mug home over the weekend, and forgot to bring it back to work with me.  Another $1.25 gone for tea.

July 17

Carmaggedon weekend was an absolute bust.  The world didn't end, and they finished the construction project on the 405 Freeway sixteen hours ahead of schedule.  But I stayed home and did nothing anyway.

July 16

Brunch at Phil's Diner, The Grove Farmer's Market: $13.25
Books from Barnes and Noble: $115.46.  These are the first non-textbooks that I have purchased this year.  I played with the Nook while I was in the store.  Give me an ink and paper book any day.
Parking at The Grove: $3.00.  Would have been $6 but I got a free hour with the Barnes and Noble purchase.

I returned the sandals that I bought from HSN last month.

Total spending: $131.71

Weekly spending: $247.78
Weekly money wasted: $4.00

Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 17, 2011

July 15

The lunch of champions: $2.57
Groceries from Ralph's: $35.47

Total spending: $38.04

July 14

Lunch: $1.94
Miscellaneous stuff from the canteen: $3.08
Total spending: $5.02

July 13

Salad from the cafeteria: $5.69.  They seem to have lowered the price by a whopping $0.06.

Total spending: $5.69

July 12

Veggie pizza lunch: $2.99
Dinner from KFC: $8.69.  I can't believe how expensive this place has gotten.  Financially, I would have been better off buying the family bucket meal for $22, but I don't want to eat KFC every day for the next week.
Total spending: $11.59

July 11

Postage for swap: $9.37.  I'm swapping a pair of shoes for a wallet and concealer.

Sandwich and chips from cafeteria: $3.89

Nutter Butter cookies: $0.99
Groceries from Smart & Final: $22.08
Total spending: $36.83

July 10

I actually went to the laundromat instead of using my apartment complex laundry room. 4 loads: $10.25

There really is a restaurant called the House of Breakfast, and I ate there this morning: $8.65

More dead fruits and veggies: $4.00
Total spending: $18.90
Total wasted: $4.00

July 9

Started the day at the Hollywood Car Wash.  Vehicle smog check so that I can renew my registration: $68.89.  Wash to remove three months of accumulated dirt: $25.99.

Martha Stewart Dog from Pinks: $5.90
Dress from Sara Marco: $31.83
MAC Pro Longwear concealer in NC45: $17.94
Beverly Center parking garage: $2.00

Hemp lipbalm from The Body Shop: $17.98.  This stuff is incredibly expensive, but it works and doesn't melt in my purse or pocket, so I keep buying it.
Frozen yogurt from Pinkberry: $3.95
Clothing from Ross: $14.13
Clothes from Macy's: $380.46  Either the black or leopard print dress will be worn for the wedding that I am attending next week.

Household goods from Target: $46.26.  The disposal cleaner was definitely worth the $3 that I paid for it; the funk emanating from my garbage disposal was unbelievable.  I also returned the ROC moisturizer that I bought last month; it had horrible reviews online so I decided to not open it and get my $23 back.  I replaced it with the generic Target brand for $8.96.
Total spending: $615.33

Weekly spending: $842.44
Money wasted: $2.50