Friday, July 20, 2012

July 20, 2012

July 20

Carl's Jr on the way to the airport: $6.49.  There is a Carl's Jr inside LAX, but this meal would have cost twice as much there.

Tabloid to read while waiting: $3.49

Daily total: $9.98

July 19

There was a death in the family.  $775 for last minute plan ticket to attend funeral.

Flowers: $85.99

Clothing from Ross: $64.13

Daily spending: $925.12

July 18

Medical copay: $20

July 17

Sandwich and chips: $4.57

Groceries from Smart & Final: $12.83

Daily spending: $17.40

July 16

KFC: $2.18

Ferrero Rond chocolates: $3.99

Daily spending: $6.17

July 15

3 loads of laundry: $7.50

July 14

12.5 gallons of gas: $46.43.  The price is inching back up again.

Gluttony at an all you can eat buffet: $22.95

Daily spending: $69.38

July 13

12.5 gallons of gas: $45.96

I went and relived the 80's at Howard Jones concert with a bunch of other 40ish people in the valley.

Human's Lib tshirt: $25.00

Remastered CD's, Dream Into Action/Human's Lib: $25.00

Daily spending: $95.96

July 12

Tye die dress: $64.90

Suede jacket: $44.90

Sweater: $55.60

Electrostim unit: $89.90.  It works about as well as what I can get at the physical therapist, so this is actually a worthwhile investment.

Daily spending: $255.30

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July 11, 2012

July 11

The safety regulations at work got changed, so I'm no longer allowed to have the electric tea kettle in my office.  So now if I want tea at work, I have to buy it.  Another $1.85 gone.

Salad for lunch.  Inflation has set in on this one too; it's still $4.68 but now they only give us half an egg instead of a whole one.

Daily total: $6.53

July 10

Kraft Lunchable: $3.19

July 9

Tea: $1.85

Orange chicken and broccoli beef: $5.40

One load of laundry: $3.25

Daily total: $10.50

July 8

No spending:-)

July 7

Peach Perfection Jamba Juice: $4.30

Hair cut: $75.00

Groceries from Trader Joe's: $76.15.  I have a love/hate relationship with this store.  I spend a lot of money for food that I like, but don't get very much.

Daily total: $155.45

July 6

Ocean Spray grapefruit juice: $2.00

Fish sandwich combo: $6.08.  It used to cost $5.69.

Daily total: $8.08

July 5

Tea: $1.85

Pizza Hut breadsticks: $2.48

Stuff from Target: $54.89

Daily total: $59.22

July 4

Freedom from spending!

July 3

Produce from farmer's market: $9.00

Dinner from KFC: $3.24.  Same as yesterday.

July 2

12.5 gallons of gas: $45.74.  It's finally gone back down to $3.65 a gallon.

Groceries from Ralph's: $8.06

KFC: $3.24

Business cards from Vista Print: $22.99

Medical copay: $20.00

Daily total: $100.57

July 1

Didn't buy anything, but sold nine unnecessary/unused items on Ebay.

June 30

Two loads of laundry: $6.00

Papaya, oranges, and pears gone bad: $4.00

Daily spending: $6.00
Total wasted: $4.00
June 29

Ritz peanut butter crackers: $0.49

Groceries from Food 4 Less: $47.70

Moldy avocados: $0.80 wasted.  The farmers market bags all of its stuff up near the end of the day, and you have to buy the entire bag or nothing at all.  I only wanted 2-3 , but ended up with 7 or 8.

The loaf of bread went moldy in less than a week. $1.29 wasted.

Daily total: $48.19
Total wasted: $2.09

June 28

Moldy strawberries: $1.00 wasted.  I bought them yesterday, and I didn't even get to eat one.

Total wasted: $1.00

June 27

Sandwich and chips for lunch: $5.19

Fruit and fish from farmer's market: $11.50

More fruits and vegetables gone bad: $1.25

Daily spending: $16.79
Total wasted: $1.25