Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 26, 2011

June 26

$5.75 for  two loads of laundry.

More dead produce: $6.00 wasted.
Total spending: $5.75

June 25

Total weekly spending: $566.96
Total wasted: $4.00

June 24 

Bagels and cream cheese for the office: $14.45
Late Cup of Noodles lunch: $0.59

Another loaf of dead bread; this one went moldy.  Total wasted: $1.50

Groceries from Smart and Final: $28.32
Load of laundry: $2.75

Total spending: $46.11
Total wasted: $1.50

June 23

Egg McMuffin combo: $5.37

Work related travel to San Luis Obispo with  two students.  Lunch at the Califorinia Pizza Kitchen was $18 including the tip.  I had some kind of pasta dish with spinach and artichokes that I have already forgotten the name of.

Total spending: $25.37

June 22

Breakfast for myself and officemate: $7.04  Hers isn't pictured.

Salad and chips for lunch.  For some reason, the prepackage salad with fish/meat was $0.50 less than the build your own variety today.  $7.39

Total spending: $14.43

June 21

Cheese pizza and water: $3.49.  The pizza was terrible.

Church's Chicken dinner: $7.89

Total spending: $11.38

June 20

Big Mac extra value meal: $5.95

Yeast is not my friend: $5.83

As promised, the loaf of bread that I purchased earlier this month is now a casualty because I couldn't finish eating it.  Ditto for the 5lb bag of potatoes that I bought last month.  Total wasted: $2.50

Total spending: $11.78
Total wasted: $2.50

June 19

12 gallons of gas: $49.22

Really bad combo meal from Taco Bell: $5.47.  If you live in Los Angeles, you are probably better off eating at any neighborhood taco truck.

Round trip American Airlines ticket from Los Angeles to Augusta, GA: $403.20.  I have to attend my aunt's wedding next month.

Total spending: $457.89

June 18

2 Krispy Kreme glazed donuts: $1.98.  Krispy Kreme is another one of those Southern chains that I grew up that California is now obsessed with.

Hamburger combo at Wendy's: $6.47.  I haven't eaten at Wendy's in almost a year, and  they have apparently changed their french fries.  There was nothing wrong with the old ones; they should have kept them.

Computer software from Staples: $161.87

Pedometer from Best Buy: $43.27
Miscellaneous stuff from Target: $146.77

Total spending: $360.36

Total weekly spending: $444.07
Total wasted: $7.75

Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 18, 2011

June 17, 2011

Zero spending.  I was going to buy lunch from McDonald's but a coworker bought it for me.

Casualties from the fridge:
Money wasted: $2.50

June 16, 2011 

Worked two hours of overtime today, but stopped at Smart and Final on the way home anyway.  Groceries: $16.53.

Total spending: $16.53

June 15, 2011

I definitely advise against buying pasta chicken curry from a restaurant that specializes in selling pizza.  It was disgusting and cost $12.
Total spending: $12.00

June 14, 2011

Cleaned the refrigerator.  $1.25 wasted.  The piece of chicken cost almost nothing since the 8lb bag was only $5.97 to begin with.
Total wasted: $1.25

June 13, 2011

Turkey lunch from the cafeteria, again. $5.75.
Groceries from Smart and Final: $43.68.
Total spending: $49.43

June 12, 2011

2 loads of laundry: $5.75

Despite all the takeout, I do actually know how to cook.  Nonetheless, this crockpot creation went to hell in a hurry.  I was trying to finish off the 8lb bag of chicken and some of the veggies that I bought earlier this month.  As bad as this looks, it would have actually been edible if I hadn't added the cheese to it; the cheese turned it into a greasy, plastic mess. $4 wasted.

Total spending: $5.75
Money wasted: $4.00

Saturday, June 11, 2011

June 11, 2011

June 11

The toenail and knee are still feeling less than spectacular, so I just stayed home.  I did pay some of the bills that I received in the mail, though.

Los Angeles Dept of Water and Power: $101.00   LA residents get billed every two months if they are lucky; I lived in my previous apartment for eight months before the first bill showed up.

Medical bill copays: $66.69.

Daily spending: $167.69
Weekly spending: $530.25
Wasted: $10.00
June 10

Cafeteria breakfast: $2.65.  Grits, an egg, and something pretending to be a hashbrown. I wasn't hungry, and it probably tasted even worse than it looks, but antibiotics on an empty stomach will make me puke.

H&K Grocery on the way home: $10.58.  Ate the raspberries before I remembered to take pic.

Daily spending: $13.21.

June 9

Home with my abcess.  Zero spending.

June 8

Urgent care clinic: $20 copay.  Some kind of insect bit me on June 5 while I was playing tennis, and it got infected and turned into cellulitis.  I have a gigantic abscess on my right knee.

Was prescribed antibiotics.  Went to Target to get the prescription filled.  My lunch while I was there, $6.55.
My doxycycline prescription; the copay was only $0.70.  It's equal to almost a fifth of the per capita health care spending in many developing countries.

Daily spending: $27.25.

June 7

My toe hurts, so not really hungry until very late afternoon.  Noodles and ginger ale from the canteen: $1.59.
Stopped at taco truck in my neighborhood on the way home. 4 beef tacos: $4.00
Daily spending: $5.59.

June 6

Pseudo-Starbucks chocolate croissant: $2.50
Scheduled for ingrown toenail surgery in the afternoon, so had a very light lunch.  Two eggs: $1.38

Ouch to both the nail surgery and the $180 copay at the podiatrist.  I have good health insurance but I still haven't met my deductible for the year.

Was prescribed some kind of naturopathic wound ointment for my toenail.  $0.50 for parking at the pharmacist. $21.90 for the ointment.  A $4 tube of generic Neosporin probably would have worked just as well.

Back to work and feeling hungry. $0.99 bag of Doritos.

The local anesthetic in my foot was wearing off on the way home, and my gas tank was almost empty.  I gladly paid $4.69 a gallon for full service instead of the $4.09 I could have paid for self serve; it was $60 for the tank.

Anesthetic completely worn off by the time I got back into my neighborhood.  Knew cooking dinner was going to be a lost cause.  KFC value menu meal: $6.55.  The economy sucks: it was $5 plus tax last month.
Daily spending: $273.82

June 5

$5.75 for two loads of laundry.

Miscellaneous household goods at Target: $26.35.  One of the bulbs in the dining room light fixture has been blown out for a week.  I could have sworn that I had extra bulbs somewhere in my apartment, but I wasn't able to find them.  Of course, as soon as I went out and bought new ones, I found the ones that where missing.  I now have enough light bulbs to last for the next five years.  And yes, I do occasionally like to read tabloid trash.

Mango something another at Jamba Juice: $4.15

McDonald's Filet o Fish Meal: $6.45

Casualties from the fridge and pantry: $10.  A lot of my produce gets purchased at the 99 Cents store; it's cheap but the shelf life is questionable a lot of the time.

Daily spending: $42.70
Wastage: $10.00

Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 4, 2011

June 4

Disposable processing caps from Sally Beauty Supply: $2.18

Little Caesar's Crazy Bread and sauce: $2.47

Alaska Roll from Fat Sushi: $9.95

June 3

Fish dinner from work cafeteria: $6.00

June 2

The cheese pizza returns:$2.29.  It tasted like Play Do.

Groceries from Smart & Final: $49.96.

Load of laundry: $2.75.

June 1

Veggie pizza, again. $2.79

A1 Chinese Restaurant, $5.47.