Saturday, September 15, 2012

September 22, 2012

September 22

Sally Beauty Supply: $42.53

Unknown beauty supply store: $10.48.  Sometimes, Sally just doesn't carry the items that I'm looking for.

WalMart: $42.51.  I've never lost or broken a pair of prescription eyeglasses in my entire life, but since moving to California I keep losing my sunglasses.  The replacements were $24.00.

Clothes from TJ Maxx: $162.41.

Clothes from Sears: $57.04.  The Kardashian tunic was on clearance for 9.99, and I can understand why.  Although it happens to be one of the few things in the line that is non-hoochy, the designer must be smoking crack.  I was able to buy it in extra small and it fit over the clothes I was already wearing.  But a dress from the same dress that I tried on in size large wouldn't even zip.

Lunch from Wienerschnitzel: $4.71.  This is a SoCal chain, and I've never eaten there before.  It was OK, but nothing to get excited about.

Dollar store: $5.48.  The trash cans that I purchased here 3 years ago died last night.  I accidentally punched holes in them while replacing the trash bags.  So I had to replace them today.

Daily total: $325.16

September 21

Turkey Lunchable: $3.19

12.5 gallons of gas: $51.66

Groceries from Ralph's: $31.25

Daily total: $86.10

September 20

Thai takeout: $18.00

September 19

Veggie burger combo: $5.89

Produce from farmers market: $8.00

Scarf: $31.29

Daily total: 45.18

September 18

Food 4 Less: $8.38

Lunchable and cookies: $3.28

Daily total: $11.66

September 17

Chick Fil A: $6.87

September 16

One load of laundry: $2.75

September 15

Groceries from Trader Joe's: $46.47

September 14

Lunch at Hawaii Ono: $9.38

Korres body washes from HSN: $41.29

Daily total: $50.67

September 13

Breakfast; egg, turkey sausage, biscuit, and OceanSpray cranberry: $4.47.

Groceries from Smart & Final: $22.19

Daily spending: $26.66

More dead fruits and vegetables:

Daily spending: $26.66
Total wasted:

September 12

Sandwich and chips: $3.28

Produce from farmer's market: $6.00

Daily total: $9.28

September 11

Groceries from H&K Market: $15.21

September 10

Salad: $4.69

McDonald's filet o fish combo: $5.75

Daily total: $10.44

September 9

Laundry, 2 loads: $6.00

September 8

Stuff, mostly food, from 99 Cents store: $10.28

Groceries from Food 4 Less: $39.11

Gas, 12.8 gallons: $54.40

Refrigerator casualties:

Daily total: $103.79

Total wasted:

September 7

No spending:-)

September 6

Taco salad and water: $5.99

September 5

Church's Chicken dinner: $8.43

Black leather boots from Zappos: $165.00

Daily total: $173.43

September 4

Wen conditioner: $117.03.  I purchased 2.  Was kind of skeptical about this product but it does actually work; it is way overpriced.

MAC volcanic ash exfoliator and Eartshine skinfinish: $92.48

Reinforcements for my sagging couch: $13.99

Chips and dip: $2.38

Daily total: $225.88

September 3

Groceries from Smart & Final: $39.18

September 2

Bridal shower dinner at Chart House: $42.00
Parking: $5.00

The bride now has a toaster that costs 10 times as much as the one I actually own.

Daily total: 47.00

September 1

Leather trench coat: $169.99

Turtleneck sweater: $41.24

Daily total: 211.23