Sunday, April 21, 2013

April 21, 2013

April 21

Groceries from Smart and Final: $33.66

Slimy turkey bacon: $2.00. I intended to have this for breakfast today, but the ziploc seal apparently didn't close the last time I used it.

Daily total: $33.66
Total wasted: $2.00

April 20

Return postage: $13.80

Stamps to mail job applications: $19.80
Jamba Juice 16oz Peach Perfection: $4.85

Clothes from Ross: $192.83.  Will wear one dress a couple of times and see how it survives being washed.  If it doesn't survive, the rest of the clothes are going back.  I have some doubts about the quality of the fabric.

Parking at Beverly Center: $2.00

Combo from Chick Fil A: $6.92

Rolling cart from Staples: free.  It was technically $19.99, but I had a $20 rebate from recycling ink cartridges.

2 loads of laundry: $6.00

Daily total: $246.20

April 19

Sandwich and chips: $3.28

1 load of laundry: $1.50

Daily total: $4.78

April 18 

Kraft Lunchable: $3.19

April 17

Chicken pad thai from Streets of Thailand food truck: $7.50
Ginger ale and fudge stripe cookies: $1.68

Groceries from Food 4 Less: $23.68

Daily total: $32.86

April 16

No spending.

April 15

Tacos from Mr. Tako food truck: $7.00
Fossil purse: $92.00

Daily total: $99.00

April 14

No spending.

April 13

Groceries from Smart & Final: $22.06

Stuff, mostly food, from 99 Cents Only store: $28.54

April 12

Fish lunch combo: $5.99.  Lent is over, but the cafeteria continues to serve fish on Friday anyway.

Candy from canteen: $4.88

WaxVac: $9.99.  It was in the canteen, so I could buy it without sales tax or shipping and handling charges from the infomercial.  It actually works as advertised.
Moldy bread and rancid milk: $1.50

Daily total: $20.86
Total wasted: $1.50

April 11

Underwear: $92.83

Daily total: $92.83

April 10

Beef something another from Nonna's Kitchenette food truck: $10.00.  It was good, but definitely not the Italian food I was expecting from the online menu.  This seemed more Filipino/Asian fusion.

Groceries from Smart & Final: $18.61

Daily total: $28.61

April 9
Groceries from Food 4 Less: $37.62
Daily total: $37.62

April 8
Chicken shawarma combo from the cafeteria: $4.49.  They ruined a perfectly good meal by putting rice in the wrap.  It wasn't even real rice, it was the microwaveable minute rice.  Total yuck.

Daily total: $4.49

April 7

Wilson tennis dress and shorts from Tennis Warehouse: $104.92

Panache bras: $45.00.  Usually cost three times as much in the United States, but I managed to purchase from UK Ebay seller.

Daily total: $149.92

Saturday, April 6, 2013

April 6, 2013

April 6

2 loads of laundry: $6.00

1 dead papaya: $1.00

April 5

Cheese crackers and ginger ale: $1.49

Air Force tshirt: $24.99

Prescription refill and bottle of really bad wine from CVS: $3.46

Books from Barnes and Noble: $84.63.  The Windows 8 Guide for Seniors is a gift for my mother.
MAC foundation and lipstick, NC50 and Sophisto: $29.31.  The lipstick is technically $15, but I got it for free by using the Back 2 MAC container recycling program.

Pad see ew from O'Chai restaurant: $8.70

Daily total: $152.58

April 4

Biscuit and gravy: $1.69

Teri chicken plate from Aloha Friday's food truck: $8.00

Daily total: $9.69

April 3

Grilled cheese sandwich combo from Cambalaches food truck: $10.00.  This was the best grilled cheese sandwich that I've ever had.

Bra ordered from Ebay seller in China: $13.34

2 loads of laundry: $6.00

Daily total: $29.34

April 2

Return postage: $6.95

Liver and onions combo: $4.99

McDonald's filet o fish combo: $5.88

Daily total: $17.82

April 1

Return postage:$10.95.  The Kitchen Aid stand mixer was OK, but at only 300 watts, I thought it was a little underpowered for the price.

Baked chicken combo: $4.99.  The chicken was so dry, it was practically mummified.

KFC Monday special: $4.24

1 load of laundry: $3.25

Daily total: $24.43

March 31

No spending.

March 30

Massive refrigerator cleanout:

 99 Cents Only store: 27.35

Daily total: $27.35
Total wasted: $27.50

March 29

Chili dog combo from Sonic: $6.24

Bras from Jenette's: $159.14.  I'm disturbed by the price tag, but they actually fit like they are supposed to, so I guess I'm not going to complain.

Fila clothes from Tennis Warehouse:$127.53. I gave up on most of the Venus Williams stuff and returned it.  I think I need to stick with Fila and Adidas for my tennis clothing; these brands just fit me better.

March 28

Clothes from HSN: $485.90

13 gallons of gas: $53.83

Lunaire bra: $17.99

Daily total: $557.72

March 27

Chicken salad from Streets of Thailand food truck: $8.50

Groceries from Smart & Final: $34.86

Daily total: $43.36

March 26

Beef stew combo from work cafeteria: $5.99.  As gross as it looks, it was actually pretty good.  They didn't even overcook the brussel sprouts today.

March 25

Dooney & Burke leather purse: $271.54

March 24

Chicken sandwich combo from Burger King: $6.24

Ankle brace: $11.24

Daily total: $17.48

March 23

McDonald's filet o fish combo: $5.73